Was it it worth it?

There was, of course, a team behind the Brockdish Heritage Exhibition - mounting, displaying , labelling, organising, curating, making refreshments and so on. We were just members...

...M. and I were slaving away over the Brockdish Heritage Exhibition until midnight on a few days and, consequently, harsh words were exchanged occasionally. Even if I didn't actually utter the words, 'I hope this is all worth it' out loud they certainly crossed my mind a few times.

At close on Monday evening (7.00pm) a group of us stayed behind and chewed the fat (enjoyably and profitably) for a while; before going home to our well-earned suppers.

We agreed that it was most definitely worth it.


It wasn't just the numbers of people that arrived- although there were well over 100 people over the two days.

It wasn't just because we were proud of our handiwork though it was good to stand back for a moment and see it all through the eyes of our visitors.

It wasn't just because people spoke words of praise about the individual sections we had been working on - though there was plenty of that.

It wasn't just because some local people came back on both days, though several did that and brought friends and relations with them.

It was all of those reasons; but more - it was the quality of the engagement of our visitors, the conversations, the time spent looking and talking, the questions asked, the obvious pleasure...

Yes. Well worth it.

Meanwhile Stephen Poulter the project's co-ordinator was slaving alone on the website to make it ready enough for the Project's Patron, Elaine Murphy, to launch last Sunday afternoon. Was it worth it? You can judge for yourself now!


Wish us