Local Heroes

The Needham and Brockdish Heritage Festival kicked off in fine style last weekend. In St Peter's church the Festival's co-ordinator Stephen Poulter, treated us to one of his meticulously researched and delivered talks about the history of Needham. It was complimented by some well-chosen and delightful readings from Robin Twigge and Alan Jeffery.

County Archivist Gary Tuson opened the Exhibition in the Coronation Hall and everyone launched into tea and cake whilst wandering and wondering, marvelling and mardling their way round the exhibition - beautifully mounted courtesy of Jenny Jackson. Impressed by the Stephen's content (naturally) I found myself almost as impressed by the planning and preparation that enabled the show to be mounted in just the couple of hours or so available!

The next part of the festival, the talk and exhibition about Brockdish, is hosted at the Waveney Heritage Centre which has clear advantages for the team: the exhibition area is available beforehand and has display spaces already. The addition of easily accessible electricity points means we can show a video, play recordings and offer online access to the new community heritage site - to be launched that weekend. The, as yet, unfinished Brockdish Diary website can also be accessed.

Not strictly part of the Festival, though sharing its roots, I shall be launching my website on the Brockdish Diary at the WHC on May 8th in a dialogue with some invited guests and, I hope, you!

Wish us