Come to Sunny Brockdish...

I remember my first reading of Philip Larkin's typically jaundiced poem 'Sunny Prestatyn' with some affection - I expect it appealed to the teenage cynic in me...

When first we moved here back in the mid-eighties, Waveney Horse Holidays were still operating from Pulham and I would meet horse-drawn caravans coming down our road whilst out walking the dog. My cheery greeting was always followed by the thought "Yes but I live here".

After 30-something years, that sense of good fortune and pride can get dimmed a little by familiarity but lights up now and again: returning from visits to busier, uglier places or , as last summer, when we packed a lunch and went for a ten-minute stroll, to picnic by the river,

A lot of time and effort has been spent increasing the potential visitor's awareness of the Waveney Valley's delights. Of course tourism is an important source of income to the local economy. But still, each time I see the sterling efforts to publicise the Valley, a little bit of me still whispers "Yes but I live here".

Visits to the Waveney Heritage Centre are our bread and butter. But in a small village like this it would simply be madness to undermine our other local attractions in any way. So in addition to (and possible combination with) the upcoming Heritage Voices weekend may I proudly point out that we have an award-winning pub scoring 4.5 on Trip Advisor where you can eat a delicious lunch and that John and Jackie Spooner will be opening their garden for a beautiful snowdrop walk down to River Waveney with all proceeds to charity.

So... Come to Sunny Brockdish this weekend - except, of course, it might be raining...

Wish us