It's hard to believe...

...that it was this time last year we held a meeting, at the Village Hall in Brockdish, to introduce the idea of a Waveney Heritage Centre in the former school building. Many of the aims we outlined then have been fulfilled and, judging only by the numbers of local people who have come to our events, they are supporting our work. We still have plenty of resolutions for the new year, not least to extend our reach further along the Valley.

Lots of work has happened (you could read previous posts! ), but it's probably best to finish this year with a report on the final event of our first season.

As the organiser (and a member of Rough at the Edges), I have little wish to blow my own trumpet, but 'Our Christmas Past' was a really delightful evening - performers and audience simply became 'us' - participation was enthusiastic, vocal and tuneful.

I would also like to record my thanks, especially to:

  • Margaret B who designed and created beautiful decorations using mainly just holly, ivy and mistletoe (with a few ribbons and lights thrown in but no tinsel). Her 'Kissing Bough' features above. She also put up with an unreasonable number of interruptions to her life, often beginning with, 'would you just...'

  • Narrator Simon Evans for taking the bare script I gave him and making it so entirely his own.

  • The WH Team for refreshments, car parking, and ticketing

  • The Harleston Cider Company for their generous donation of delicious cider for the interval 'Wassail Cup'.

  • and finally Rough at the Edges who have been humouring me for a quarter of a century. They fully supported the project, learned and arranged songs, rehearsed, made intelligent suggestions, provided holly, ivy and mistletoe and, of course, performed. As usual we had at least three nasty Christmas colds, and stalwarts Barny and Mary Wood were unable to be with us. For all that, the adrenaline kicked in and RatE gave a fine performance - though one or two crawled home to bed afterwards!

If you haven't yet attended one of our events - make it a resolution to do so in the New Year.

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Wish us