Leaving his Mark

Introducing the splendid Mark Cocker talk last night, entitled "Nature's Future", I promised our audience a fascinating and thought-provoking evening. I told the simple truth then, but did not fully expect to still have thoughts being provoked 24 hours later...

If you have heard Mark before you will know that he is a compelling, warm and passionate speaker. If you have read any of his excellent books you will also know his erudition is deep but lightly worn. If you weren't there you certainly missed a treat that challenged brain and soul... and if you were you'll know I'm right!

I couldn't even begin to summarise such an information-dense talk in a brief review; so I will content myself with one of the facts that set my alarm bells jangling. In answer to a question from the audience he mentioned that the budget of all the UK's major environmental organisations put together was less than the nation spends on cosmetics.

He clearly believes that our oft-blamed farmers cannot be held entirely responsible for the degradation of our natural environment - but that our society as a whole has undervalued it so much, that the UK is currently in the bottom 20% of the world's nations for the preservation of biodiversity. Sadly we have not heeded the pithy advice of the late Alex Harvey,

"Don't p*ss in the water supply".

Christmas is coming...

Mark has left us some cost price copies of his beautiful magnum opus Birds and People described by one critic as "one of the great naturalist books of our time." If you would like to purchase a copy for £20.00 (half the cover price) and help support WHC at the same time please drop us an email .

Wish us