Q. Remember What the Dormouse Said?

A. Feed your head*....

The temptation to begin preparing for a winter hibernation is pretty strong - the long (mostly hot) summer is over, the nights are drawing in, there's good stuff back on the telly...

But wait! What's this? A wakeup call?

Indeed it is, for the Waveney Heritage autumn programme is nearly upon us - a wide range of fascinating talks at an extraordinarily reasonable cost providing you with plenty of food for thought until Christmas.

We kick off in a few weeks with the highly entertaining Tony Diamond telling the story of the finding of the Hoxne Hoard. Those of you who have lived in these parts for a while will remember the serious hoo-ha when detectorist Eric Lawes discovered the hoard back in the early 90s - and just down the road too!

More anon...

And for those who prefer paper to digital, the Waveney Heritage autumn programme is in production now and will be ready to collect at the Swan in Harleston next weekend, during the other fascinating events of the Heritage Open Days along the Valley.

* A line from White Rabbit a song by Jefferson Airplane.

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