Where is hyperlocal?

I first moved into a rented cottage in Stradbroke back in 1985 and the parish magazine that landed on my doormat, informed me who had won the previous month's WI competion to 'Make a Hat from Kitchen Implements'. When my (admittedly rather scornful) laughter subsided, I was still delighted by the idea of middle-aged ladies wearing colanders and dishmops with their twinset and pearls. But after some reflection I realised that they probably laughed quite a lot about it too...

When I began constructing this site I had recently had a conversation about our parish magazine: The Mardler. Why (the conversation went) had nobody put the magazine online? A dedicated team of local people write, edit, print and deliver the magazine free to all the households in Brockdish and Thorpe Abbotts, but there are many people, former residents - some in far flung corners of the globe - new residents or visitors who would like to find out about local events; or people like me, who regularly misplace their paper copy. It turned out that none of the team had the expertise to do this. Knowing it could be done simply and free and, as an occasional deliverer myself, I offered to do the job and my offer was accepted.

Until my late Mother-in-law left Harleston, we were also in receipt of her spare copy of their local magazine, The Grapevine. All the way along the Waveney Valley there are teams of people creating newsletters for their fellow residents. I believed at first that I had coined the term 'hyperlocal' for these newsletters, but Wikipedia informed me that it had been in use for more than a quarter of a century:

Hyperlocal is information oriented around a well-defined community with its primary focus directed toward the concerns of the population in that community. The term can be used as a noun in isolation or as a modifier of some other term (e.g. news).

Shouldn't their efforts to make local news available be celebrated somehow?

So I scoured the internet for local magazines, blogs and websites in the Waveney Valley and added them to an interactive map. I fully expected an irritated response from 'Annoyed of Shipmeadow' that I should put them on the map forthwith, but none came...

Please take a look at the Hyperlocal Links page. Is anywhere important missing? Please let us know!

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