Breaking Radio Silence

It may have seemed all quiet on the Waveney Heritage front but not really so - it's just that we have been about our busy-ness out of the gaze of yourselves, dear readers...

I note from looking through my blog posts I have indeed been keeping schtum on the subject of The Prior's Croft Collection (above). This historical collection of broadcasting hardware is being assembled,displayed and made ready for visitors. The owner and curator of the collection, Stewart Orr, has been anxious to explain that the display of items is unfinished, for Stewart has a clear vision of a working collection and realising that vision has taken him a considerable amount of time and work. The latest in a line of people helping Stewart have been the excellent Hamiltons of Harleston removal firm, who donated their services to move several large pieces from Stewart's barn to the upstairs room at the Waveney Heritage Centre. Many thanks to them!

The Needham and Brockdish Heritage Project continues apace for members of the project. In addition to our regular meeting, group members have visited the Gressenhall Museum of Norfolk Life and walked the village of Brockdish with Jan Croxson, looking at the many historic buildings in the centre of the village.

The hall and activity area have been used by the Parish Council and Michelle Atrill is currently running a well-attended course on British sign language.

Geoff, Tim and Del attended meetings at the Norfolk Records Office, looking at ways to collaborate with heritage groups across the county.

Geoff, Stephen and Tim are currently working on a series of talks presented by speakers of local and national prominence which will be bookable through this website. But much more of this anon...

Wish us