If you were expecting a rave review of our Grand Opening Day you'll have to wait until all the photographers have sent me their images of what was indeed a lovely afternoon. I'll post a slideshow next time.

Meanwhile, I want to tell you about staples...

And what have staples to do with heritage you may ask?

This last week or so staples have been my heritage.

At our last monthly Board meeting my newest mounted display board was backdrop for those on the the opposite side of the table. Eyeing it critically, Robin Twigge exclaimed 'There's still staples in it!'. Having spent an inordinate amount of time removing staples, I of course denied it vehemently. At the end of the meeting, to make his point, Robin leaned back and, wielding his trusty multi-tool, removed a staple from the board and tossed it across the table at me (you can tell what dignified, adult affairs our board meetings are). Hindsight makes me wish I had cried ' so that's where number 3527 went!' but at the time I had to content myself with pulling an ugly face.

By the time I had cut and de-stapled a further three boards I could fairly describe myself as staple-sensitized. Then one evening when we were working late again Margaret B asked 'Why on earth would anyone put staples in a nice new wooden door like this?' She was perfectly right. I removed them. It was the start of an avalanche,

Everywhere I looked I saw staples: windows, cupboards, architaves, walls, ceilings...

I walked up to the Centre this morning instructing myself that there was no time for any more obsessive staple removal. I fell to wondering whether I might not end up having a staple nightmare, where angry staples extracted themselves and flew at me me, seeking revenge.

And then I realised I knew of only one person who could possibly represent such an image; my friend, the artist Denny Derbyshire.

Denny, for many years (amongst other things) has been involved in the curious, often surreal, world of comix. Since I asked her nicely to draw a man-hating staple experience this morning and she had came up with the goods by the time I'd got home this afternoon I felt I owed it to her to get this post online asap.

Wish us