...Ready... Set....

I'm in a bit of an odd position here....

In common with other board members at the Waveney Heritage Centre I've been working my socks off getting the place ready for (drum roll)....

The Grand Opening by the Bishop of Norwich.

Personally I would like the world and his wife to see what we've achieved in the few short months since we first opened the rather forlorn, cobwebby former Brockdish Primary School to a curious village and told them about our plans. But there is a limit to the number of people who can fit in a building, and so the formal opening is restricted by the number of chairs in our hall. Understandably the formal invitations have gone to people who have either history at the school and those who have been particularly supportive of our venture.

So I'm torn between shouting

Come one, come all and see what we've been up to!

and then adding quietly

'But not until after 3.00 o'clock'

So what can you expect to enjoy when you rock up in your minibus bursting with your extended family (soon after 3.00 o'clock) ?

  • A Bishop on a whirlwind tour

  • A hall full of vibrant GCSE artwork from Archbishop Sancroft High School. The nearly-famous stars of "A Bowler Hat and a Cabbage" saga. A sneak peak at our cinema-to-be. And, possibly most important of all, Refreshments (including Cake) served with Jeeves-like unction by our very own Robin Twigge.

  • An activity area displaying items from the Local Heritage Project, planned and manned by our Presenter par excellence Stephen Poulter (who also promises a Magic surprise). Whilst there, sample (briefly) the chillaxing pleasures of our inactivity area.

  • Peep into a major work-in-progress - the Archive - and taste the technology with Del the Digitiser.

  • In the Studio, watch if you dare as printmaker Chris Mound wields Really Sharp Tools in his bid to make a lump of wood express his innermost feelings.

  • Climb the stairs to be transported back to your granny's front room by The Prior's Croft Collection of Broadcast devices. Meet the donator and curator of this extraordinary display of forgotten treasures, Stewart Orr. Meet an even taller and more hirsute gentle giant than yours truly. And if the delights of the day have rendered you incapable of movement type your escape message in Morse.

  • Warning: Be wary of a certain Doggett who wanders abroad trying to make innocents part with their badly-folding plastic money. He is very persuasive and the best way to put him off your scent is to leave him a distractingly large donation for Waveney Heritage...

Wish us