Did we have a luvverly time?

... the day we went to Norfolk Record Office and Heritage Centres. Well perhaps not luvverly but fascinating. I'm not really a researcher by nature myself but I know that those who are found that aspect of the visit particularly compelling.

As a hands-on/storytelling bloke the two standout experiences for me were: the conservation/preservation presentation at the NRO and reading The Brockdish Diary.

The NRO currently have David Parker as a project conservator working on the 19th, century papers of Dr Richard Bright which are in appalling condition. While he explained the process I was mildly astonished to see examples lying in a bath of water being washed (see picture above).

I had heard about The Brockdish Diary held by the NRO but to sit quietly and read the words of an 'anonymous' local farmer from the time of the Napoleonic Wars and the mundane day-to-day things he chose to write about in his beautiful script was real time travel.

I managed to photograph the whole diary with my tablet and I hope to transcribe it as one part of our local heritage project so there should be more about the diary over the coming months - including the claim of our local history research guru, Stephen Poulter, to have found out who the author was...

Wish us