Doing the Needham Walk

Slightly thunderous clouds were in the sky so I decided to take my jacket. I had no need of it for, as you can see from Alan's picture above, the sun shone brightly. A goodly crowd of 18 people joined Stephen Poulter at The Red Lion for beginning of Needham Heritage Walk (first public event of the Needham and Brockdish Heritage Project).

As a Brockdishite (Brockdishian?) I have both walked and cycled through Needham village but, I confess, mainly I drive through. I have never done so much noticing - helped, of course by our expert guide, Stephen. Not only was my attention drawn to the true nature of some of Needham's ancient buildings hiding behind brick and later additions but, until the walk, at least one village house has barely rippled the surface of my awareness. At one stage I felt as if I was walking through Needham past and present at the same time - perhaps I should have worn a sun hat!

As Keiron Gray succinctly posted on the Waveney Valley... Way back When Facebook Group.

"Really interesting meander through Needham with our knowledgeable guide, Stephen".

So knowledgeable in fact, that we ran out of time and all agreed to a follow-up walk to be guided round the remainder of the village!

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