A Bowler hat and a Cabbage. Pt.3: The Pictures

Jill Edwards was secretary at Brockdish school until it closed in 2016 and has kindly volunteered to continue in an administrative role with Waveney Heritage. Talking to her one day about the school's neighbours, she explained that she was fond of Geoff Flatt and often stopped for a mardle on her way in to work. The cottages's new owners invited her to look round Geoff's former home before clearance for building work began. These two large, framed pictures were still hanging and , although she did not really want to hang them on her own walls, she could not bear to see them thrown away; so she rescued them and put them in her loft. Thanks to her they now hang in the hall at Waveney Heritage.

There is no indication on the images of who they were, though everyone strongly suspects they are pictures of Cecil Flatt's mother and father - Geoff's grandparents - else why would they have been still hanging in the cottage?

The images were clearly not taken at the same time and the subjects are very different ages , but the frames and mounts are very similar which would suggest that they are later enlargements - perhaps commissioned by Cecil or Ellen? In the archive there are small copies of pictures of two people outside the cottage who could easily be our two characters when older.

Further research reveals that Charles (41) and Alice Flatt (39) - married in 1892 - were living with seven-year-old Cecil and their 17-year-old daughter, Ellen, in the cottage at the time of the 1911 census. An Evening Star from 1897 reports a Charles Flatt and an Edward Flatt as prizewinners at the Scole Horticultural Show for their vegetable growing but no mention of cabbages! Could one photograph date from the time of that achievement? If you have more information please get in touch.

Clearly there was never any hope of recording these two; but the lesson has been learned - Needham and Brockdish Heritage Project have just bought a good-quality voice recorder. Podcasts here we come?

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