Whenever the subject of an historical archive is raised in Brockdish any query is most likely followed by the words, "Have you spoken to Jan?"

Jan Croxson is one of those people every village needs - school governor, churchwarden, chair of the parish magazine team, village hall committee, in short: all-round good person. Over the forty years she has lived here she has also become the village's unofficial archivist and her collection of photographs, postcards and cuttings has grown considerably. But, it seems, she believes she has found a better resting place for the collection than her spare bedroom: the archive at the Waveney Heritage Centre.

This room is doubly appropriate; for not only will it be the Centre's library and archive but, since Jan also served time as Brockdish Primary School's voluntary librarian, she understandably feels quite proprietorial about the space. Indeed it was she who rescued the bookshelves from removal as the school was closed down... foresight perhaps?

Jan will, of course, always be welcome to visit her donation but so too will members of Waveney Heritage, both in person and, eventually, online.

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