Movie, Movie

Things are moving on apace, up at the Waveney Heritage Centre. As I write, a Community Payback team are clearing the playground for use as a car park and redecorating the hall which will be our principal meeting space. As such it will also act as one of our main ways of raising the funds we need to run the Centre.

Thanks to the good offices of a local supporter, Erica Summers, we have acquired a very powerful digital projector, sound system and huge electric screen. Combined with our 70 newly-acquired banqueting chairs, we should be able to offer a near-cinematic experience. We aim to use the hall primarily for talks and films of local interest but that will still leave plenty of evenings for a neighbourhood cinema. All that’s needed is people to run it. So if you and a small group of like-minded individuals are interested in showing blockbusters, rom-com or classics please contact There’s lots of advice on setting up and running such a venture on

Whilst on the subject of fundraising, why not help us by becoming a member of Waveney Heritage? Click here for more information


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