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Please Note!


In compliance with national instructions we are closed at present!


As soon as we are able we shall resume our programme of talks and events  We had just  agreed all our speakers  right through until December, so are very sorry that we cannot bring you  the fascinating talks we had planned. Our speakers, nearly all local and without exception entertaining and knowledgeable, are disappointed too, but have agreed that they will be ready to come when we resume, so we have them to look forward to!

We had of course been getting ready for the VE day celebrations on 8th May, with the “radio boys” upstairs and displays, music and teas down in the main room and throughout the building. We're sure that we aren't the only organisation affected and our sympathies go out to all those for  whom a lot of work (and money) has gone to waste.

Our gardening, table tennis and socialising activities have also had to stop but, once again, we will be up and running as soon as we can.

Stay with us, check the website occasionally and we look forward to meeting you again soon.


Wish us